Whole30: Dairy Reintroduction


Hey guys!

On April 27th I finished my Whole30 turned Whole50! Woo-hoo! I lost 14.5 pounds! Just the cherry on top of all the other benefits. 🙂 On April 28th I began the reintroduction phase of the program. I wanted to share this with you all, you know, in case anyone was interested. The Whole30 creators, Melissa and Dallas Hartwig provide a sample reintroduction schedule but of course leave you room to decide for yourself. Here is the schedule that I made for myself.

Day 1: Dairy
Day 2 & 3: Whole30 Compliant
Day 4: Gluten Free Grains
Day 5 & 6: Whole30 Compliant
Day 7: Gluten
Day 8 & 9: Whole30 Compliant
Day 10: Legumes

To begin, I completed dairy day and the two Whole30 days after. Here was my experience.

Breakfast: 2% Lactose Free Milk in my coffee. Besides the milk, my meal was Whole30 compliant.

Notes: Shortly after my breakfast I was feeling jittery and could feel my heart pounding. My stomach was rumbling. I’m pretty sure this is related to the caffeine though since I hardly drank any coffee during my Whole50. About an hour later and (TMI alert) a trip to the restroom, things calmed down. Lol

Lunch: Grilled burger with cheddar cheese, lettuce, onion, tomato, and no bun. Carrot and celery sticks on the side.

Notes: I planned on eating Chipotle but due to their pork shortage, carnitas weren’t available. So I went to a restaurant next door that was grilling out instead. My meal wasn’t very filling, seeing that the light veggies were the only option to swap out for the chips. About an hour after my meal, I wasn’t feeling too hot. A little sick to my stomach and I was burping (which I hardly ever do). I also had slight acid reflux feeling in my chest and throat, a feeling I remembered all too well. An hour after that, I noticed that I was super sleepy!

Dinner: Dinner was Whole30 compliant. For dessert, I had a scoop of strawberry and one scoop of butter pecan from Graeter’s ice cream.

Notes: Let me tell you, I had been waiting for this moment. I was excited for the day that I could taste luxurious ice cream again. I hadn’t been craving it at all (like I did ALL last summer) but I missed it and had memories of how good it tasted. When the day came, I was excited but not too excited. I felt…oddly calm and nonchalant. When I finally took a bite I definitely enjoyed the taste and I noticed that without even forcing it, I was eating slowly and savoring every bite. I had a handful of bites and then…I was done. Yes, after eating less than half of my ice cream, I had enough. My boyfriend and I were both in shock. The Whole30 really did change me! I had no doubt that it did but to actually see it in action was amazing.

Before and after.

Before and after.

I went back a little later to try and finish the rest but I still couldn’t do it. I didn’t even have the desire to. So I gave the rest to my boyfriend and he enjoyed it…after devouring his own two scoops of ice cream. Lol

Day 2: I was feeling normal but really sleepy. It’s important to note that I had been tired that whole week even before testing dairy so I think it may be unrelated to that or quite possibly the dairy made it worse. I had an apple with breakfast (a pink lady) which tasted waaay too sweet. I think I was still recovering from the sugar overload I had the night before. Lol

Day 3: I was in an irritable mood for no apparent reason. I definitely think it’s in relation to the dairy and not eating enough throughout the day. *Sigh* I still have a hard time packing enough for breakfast for work. I’m working on it.

Dairy verdict: I don’t think milk in my coffee will hurt me. Granted, I had lactose free milk, not sure how it will be with regular milk but we shall see in the future. Cheese (oh my beloved cheese) will only be eaten on rare occasion. To be honest, I didn’t even miss it much during my Whole50 so I’m ok with this decision. I didn’t have a bad reaction with ice cream, just a sugar rush. Lol I will probably have this as a special treat from time to time but only when I feel it is worth the indulgence and has the simplest ingredients possible (Graeter’s being a good choice).

Later Peeps!

Kristyn B.

Thinking about doing a Whole30 or are currently going through the reintro phase? Share your questions and/or experiences below!


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