In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I want to take a moment and acknowledge the people that I’m most thankful for, my family and friends. This is my toast to them.

*Now imagine a feast fit for two kings and all their peeps placed in front of us as I give this toast. Aaaaand go…*

To my family, I love you with all of me. It seems almost humanly impossible to love others as much as I love you. You are my world and I miss you all when I am away. I don’t know where I’d be without you and I am so thankful for you! Please know that no matter how far away we are from each other or how M.I.A. I can be sometimes (no comments please) we are always connected and I am here for you no matter what. It’s been a rough year for us but hang in there. Call me naive but I still have faith that every cloud has a silver lining and we soon will have a break through.

Dad, I miss you and the holiday season just isn’t the same without you…honestly, nothing is the same without you. Sometimes I get pissed off at the fact that you were taken away so soon, other times I find acceptance, but most of all, I find pain. This void is unbearable and not a single day goes by without you running through my mind. Your soul must be tired because I carry you with me with every move I make. I just pray that you are truly in a better place and you know just how much you are loved. I am thankful for you. I love you.

To my Cincinnati family, moving here was not as easy as I thought it would be. Homesickness hit me like a brick but let me tell you, I am so blessed to have you as family! Words can’t describe how thankful I am for this great support system that I have. To my in-laws (disclaimer: no there was no wedding, it’s not “official” but it’s real), siblings, grandparents, cousins, nieces, nephews, all of you that have taken me in as their own and shown me love, I am forever grateful for you. You have helped make Cincinnati my home away from home. I love you all.

To all of my friends, you already know! Whether I talk to you every day or not the love is always there. I want to thank you all for the support, love, long talks, drunken nights, laughs, reality checks, fun times, tough times, walk in a party and fuck shit up times (excuse the french, family)…the list goes on and on. Thank you my loves!

And last but not least, I am thankful for my best friend (cheesy but true) and honey bunch Ryan, for whom I am thankful for every single day. Like any relationship, we’ve been through ups and downs over the years but we are continuing to stick together like glue. You constantly make me laugh, you protect me, and love me like no other can. Sometimes you get on my nerves but most the time you are so cute and adorable that it makes my heart melt and in turn makes me sick. Lol                                     Forever yours, here I stand. I love you.

So as I sit here wiping away tears and sippin’ on this nasty Red’s Apple Ale (we’ll pretend it’s delicious wine) I raise my glass to all of you. You are what I’m thankful for. Cheers!

With love,

Kristyn B.


Peace of mind or 9-5?



Growing up, my parents taught me that getting an education was the key to success. You go to school, graduate, get into college, and then find a good paying job to eventually turn into a career. Along the way they would tell me to enjoy my youth and don’t be in a hurry to grow up because well…adult life sucks. This is what I was taught, this is all that I knew (I’m sure many of you can relate). So I took all of the necessary steps to get ahead in life: I went to school, graduated (I’m very proud of myself for that, might I add), and have been working to find a steady job and build my way up to having a stable career. Sounds like I’m fulfilling the dream right? Ha-ha…No. Reality is, I’m now an adult with bills and an educational debt, living the life that my parents prayed that I wouldn’t have to endure. A four year college degree and 2 1/2 post college years later I am unemployed, broke, and discouraged. I’ve only been able to land temp jobs or temp-hire at best. I have applied for job after job, all of them seeming to be the perfect match, with no call backs and no interviews. The jobs that I have obtained were through temp & staffing agencies. Not saying that I’m not thankful for the work that I have been able to get, because I am, but I want more. I know that my family had nothing but the best intentions with their guidance and like many parents, they just wanted their kids to do even better than they did so by no means do I fault them for that. But now that I’m living my life on my own and have gained my own experiences, I’m beginning to wonder, is this really the career path for me?


One of my close friends told me a few years back that she sees me as being the hippie/artsy type. She couldn’t envision me doing “typical” work for very long and saw me as being an artist finding my own way. I laughed it off at the time but now I’m beginning to agree with her. Don’t get me wrong, I believe that I am a great candidate for many office positions and have the potential to climb the corporate ladder but the question is, do I want to? Quite frankly, the answer is no. I want to be able to call my own shots, create my own schedule, and build a career that I can be proud of.

*Well then silly goose, what are you going to do instead? How are you going to turn something you love into a lucrative career? You got bills, man!*

Trust me, I’ve been trying to answer these questions for a while now but as I’m searching for the solution, bills are piling up and my bank account is shrinking. You guys, I literally almost cried in the Target check out line last week as this fact hit me hard. Yes, I.almost.cried. Until I find some direction for my passion and begin to make some money from it, I feel like I have no choice but to take whatever job I can get. The dilemma is that I don’t want to continue only doing temp work but I also don’t want to get permanently sucked into the black hole that is the “9-5” (which turns out to be more like 8-5 or 6). I mean, I know I need it, but how much of your soul do you have to give in order to survive? Is there such a thing as a happy medium? I feel stuck between a rock and a hard place. How do I continue to be a responsible adult without compromising my dreams, goals, and youth? *Le sigh*

What is this adult life all about??

Kristyn B.


Important: This post is NOT to disrespect anyone out there making an honest living by maintaining a 9-5!! Both of my parents have done that in order to provide for their families and I am proud of them and respect them immensely for that. In this life, you have to do what you have to do! And if you are lucky enough to be doing something you love in the corporate world then that’s great and I’m happy for you! These are just my personal feelings at this time in my life. 🙂