Single Mother’s Day?


"Father's Day"

There is something that is weighing heavily on my chest and I need to get it off. May I vent, yall?

Father’s day, as Hallmark of a day it is, was created to celebrate all of the fathers in our lives and community. It is a day to tip our hats off to them and to pay them respect for all of the love, attention, and protection they give to their children. It is a day to honor the fathers for all of their hard work and the sacrifices that they make for their kids. It’s a time for dads to be celebrated! But sadly every year I see more and more posts on Facebook and elsewhere (including the father’s day card section) praising single mothers. First and foremost, I respect single mothers to the fullest! Being a parent is not an easy feat and to do it on their own with no help from the father is commendable and they deserve recognition, respect, and love…on MOTHER’S day (and every other day of the year!) NOT FATHER’S DAY!

It’s a known fact that there are a lot of father’s out there who aren’t in their children’s lives (for one reason or another) and this has especially become a problem in the black community but this day isn’t about them. Give the attention to the dads who are actually stepping up to be the dads that their kids need and the partner (whether still romantically involved or not) that the mothers need.

My dad didn’t know his father at all, and because of that he made a point to be in his kids lives no matter what. He didn’t want us to go through the pain that he went through. He loved us more than anything and worked hard to be the best dad that he could be. This day is to celebrate dads like him. They don’t deserve to be overshadowed by the “deadbeat dads” and “single mothers who do it all”. A mother, no matter how good they are and how hard they work to be the best parent that they can be, can never fill the shoes of a father.

So from here on out please give fathers the love and attention that they deserve on this day. Mothers have their day, let the dads have theirs. Let’s uplift our dads, not downplay their importance.

Happy Father’s day!

Until later,

Kristyn B.


2 thoughts on “Single Mother’s Day?

  1. Johnnie

    Well said, not taking light of Father’s Day as for all the good some Father’s do. EVEN on this day Mothers should be notice for thier place on Father’s Day. It hard enough on Mother’s Day doing it alone, Father’s Day just reveal her strength, we can not over look a woman greatness nor her endurance.

    • Thank you for your comment!
      In no way do I think mothers should go unnoticed and be under appreciated. Mothers (whether single parents or not) should be recognized for all of their hard work, love, and sacrifice and I believe that fathers deserve the same respect. Mothers get all the recognition they can get (and deserve) on Mothers day without being interrupted or overshadowed by single dads or those without their mothers in their lives and fathers, on FATHERS day, should be able to enjoy the day in the same way. I think by giving so much attention to single mothers on this day is downplaying and downright ignoring the importance that fathers play in our lives. Fathers should be able to have at least ONE day that they are recognized for their dedication to their children in the same way that mothers are appreciated on their day and every day.

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